24th World Knowledge Forum <Techno Big Bang : Humanity on the Shoulders of Giants>

Special Exhibition : HANDS TO TECHNOLOGY : From Ceramics to Semiconductor

Venue : Hotel Shilla, 3F Lilac Hall, Seoul

Date : 2023.09.12 - 09.14

Organized by: Maekyung Media Group

Supported by: Samsung Foundation of Culture

Directed by: Soluna Art Group

Curator: Jaenyoung Jang

Artists: Yikyung Kim, Jongup Chun

Commissioner: Hyeyoung Cho

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<Hands to Technology: From Ceramics to Semiconductors>


“Ceramics, the most luxurious brand made by the Korean people"

About a thousand years ago, Korean porcelain was considered as the ultimate epitome of advanced technique made in the Korean peninsula. In the historical text known as Sujoonggeum, the southern Song wise sage Taepyeong stated "the jade green of Goryeo is the best in the world". Even the proud Chinese at the time acknowledged the beauty of Korean ceramics.


The technique applied in making ceramics has similarities with making semi-conductors as they both rely on silica. Furthermore the temperature in which ceramics is fired to is an important factor.


Korean ceramics through four inlaid celadon pieces known as 'Sanggam Cheongja' with chrysanthemum designs is presented and Korean celadon has been known as the creation of godly hands' because of its color. The buncheong ware that appeared in the early part of the 15 century lasted only for about 200 years. Yet its modern abstractness has been highly praised because of the finesse and void that represent the controlled minds of learned scholars of the Joseon Dynasty.


The exhibition <Hands to Technology: From Ceramics to Semiconductors> commemorates the 24th World Knowledge Forum organized by Maekyung Media Group under the subject "Techno Big Bang: Humanity on the Shoulders of Giants". The focus is on 'technology, a metaphorical expression confronting the constant social crisis in search of an answer for the future. The development of porcelain in the course of human evolution brought about wealth and power, a symbolic invention that shows innovation. Through the creative mind and art convergence of craftsmen, the influence has been great additionally as expanding the scope of artistry. The exhibition attempts to give an overall view of Korea's skills in ceramics that have extended to semiconductors today rooting from the ancient times. They are the 'giants' that enable us to sustain and a momentum that reflects on todays advancement. The exhibition presents 12 historical ceramic pieces from the Samsung Foundation of Culture's collection, a chronology of Korea's ceramic tradition from Goryeo to Joseon Dynasty. These historical pieces are juxtaposed together with the first generation contemporary ceramic artist, Yikyung Kim's moon jar, an aesthetical symbol of Korean culture at its best. A special feature for this exhibition is Jongup Chun's attempt to incorporate digital technology into ceramics by adding parts of semiconductors into his new creations. A short film showing the transition from ceramics to semiconductors has been specially made for the exhibition.


Today we have overcome the recent pandemic caused b the Covid 19 virus and technology Is more developed than ever before. we are facing an era of Artificial Intelligence (AI), although this is still in its early stages. The speed of technical development has surpassed the capability of humans - from bio-technology, robotics, AI and more. We are constantly addressing big data, an extremely advanced technology and through it we are confronting new changes. Such advancement of technology is defining the new phase that we today are experiencing. We hope that we are able to do more on such grounds.

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